Chuck’s Background

Chuck Mache has spent a quarter century selling, managing, building, and leading sales organizations. He’s lead major expansion plans that have resulted in tenfold sales increases – or more.

He used his breakthrough sales approach to lead the transition of Benchmark Lending Group from a mortgage broker to a full mortgage bank, and dramatically increased the loan volume in a short period, turning the company into a mid-size player in the California market.

As Executive VP of Sales for American Home Shield, Mache grew revenues from $6M to $100M in ten years, formed strategic partnerships with other market leaders, such as Coldwell Banker and Prudential, and restructured sales teams during acquisitions.

From working in the field to leading the executive team, Mache has mentored thousands of sales professionals. Through those relationships, he discovered the four paths to breakthrough sales, and he is committed to using these concepts to build next level sales teams worldwide.

He is the author of the book, The Four Kinds of Sales People: How and Why They Excel – And How You Can Too.

A consistent heavy-hitter with a proven track record, Mache shares his knowledge with companies seeking to build cutting edge sales organizations. Chuck Mache Communications focuses on a systematic approach for creating customized roadmaps for breakthrough sales achievement.

Chuck Mache Communications provides speaking, coaching, consulting, and training programs to companies and associations that are “hungry” to break through to the next level. Below are commonly asked questions about Chuck and his background.

You have had tremendous success leading sales driven companies in highly competitive markets, why Chuck Mache Communications?

Over my years of building sales organizations, I saw a void in the market for taking sales driven companies and sales people to the next level of selling. It’s about so much more than being motivated, and, frankly it’s about more than training too. It’s a very personal journey. I am not a motivational speaker. Sure, I’ve been told that I get people really “pumped up.” But deeper than that, I’ve been called an “Architect for Breakthrough Achievement!” That means I focus on how to do the things that build next level selling. I focus on the journey of how you get there, and I must say, it is not an easy road. I’ve never accomplished anything worth anything that was easy. I started Chuck Mache Communications because I intend to share my knowledge and help people at all levels of sales, from the executive in charge, to the new hire, how to get better.

What do you mean by “Architect of Breakthrough Achievement?”

Breakthroughs are so elusive. It’s a different path for everyone and is based on doing what is different. I’m not saying to forget about what’s made you successful in the past, but I am questioning whether people really dissect what has kept them from being even more successful. The journey to getting better is not “paved,” it’s not “smooth” and the road requires a commitment to honest self examination. This journey looks so foreign and lonely and we are so often afraid to even consider it that we live in distraction. We stay busy doing busy work but don’t actually go where we are weak and have the greatest opportunity to get better. Even the best do this, just not as much as others.

When I say “Architect” I mean builder, designer, creator. An Architect doesn’t build the house, he designs it. I’m not the one that’s going to get better at selling, managing, or leading. I’m the one who designs the plans and helps people implement those plans to get better.

Why do you have to have a “Customized Design” to get to breakthrough?

Why do you think training programs only work on a certain segment of those being trained? Why do only some of the people being trained get better? The answer is, because Breakthrough Achievement is different for everyone. I help people at all levels: executives, managers, top producers, average producers and even strugglers. And I must say, there is no “one size fits all” roadmap when it comes to improving to the next level. Especially when you are comfortable, breakthroughs require honest clarity about who we are and what our true intentions are for our lives. When we change our intentions to go where we are the most uncomfortable, a statement that is easy to make but difficult to do, opportunities for breakthrough open up.

Yet you claim there are only “Four Kinds of Sales People?”

I discovered over 15 years ago that there were only four kinds of sales people. I gave a speech to about 250 people in 1990, most of who were in sales. I tied the four kinds directly to the business that we were all in at the time. The feedback was absolutely incredible. From that day on, I began refining the “Four Kinds.” I watched as some sales managers really grabbed the concept and ran. I saw them gain market share as they learned how to communicate better and find the keys to inspiration with their team. I helped them bring in talent that was consistent with the profile of two of the types of salespeople- top producers. Since then, nobody has come up with more or less than four.

Is that why you wrote the book The Four Kinds of Sales People?

I wrote the book because I believe it is a powerful message for executives, managers, top producers, mediocre producers, strugglers, and even people considering sales. It is a great tool for recruiters and human resource people as well. There are only four kinds of salespeople, who are on four different paths. Those who read the book will find themselves and powerful insights into what they have to do to get better. Show me a top producer that doesn’t want to get better and I’ll show you an individual in a “comfort zone.”

Why is it different than most other books on sales?

I’ve found that most books on sales are technical “how to” books. Or, they’re motivational books that don’t go that much further than creating a short term “buzz.” That’s not what this book is about, nor is it what I’m about. It is my intention to shake up sales people so that they will do the things necessary to take their selling game to the next level. If you want to determine exactly who you are and what you want to become, and, if you want to choose and customize your path to the next level, then I have something for you. It requires rigorous honesty and a commitment to self examination. Not everyone is prepared for that level of honesty. And, it’s a fast and easy read told in story format about four characters.

Why not just be a “Motivational” speaker?

I have a lot of respect for very good motivational speakers, and frankly, I enjoy the entertainment. But look at it this way. When the seminar is over and people return to their daily lives of selling, what real and tangible changes are they going to make? Many times, motivational speakers just paint a picture about the destination. You get a snap shot of what success is like once you have it. They tend to gloss over the journey. The key, in my experience, is that success is all about the journey. The journey is what is real. The journey has its share of pain and confusion. There is a fair amount of time spent “groping” for the keys to success. That’s a reality for anyone who has ever made it big in sales. Senior executive down to the beginner, the best have scars. I deal in the scars. They leave the clues necessary to get better. Anything less is just a “seminar buzz.” In my experience, “buzzes” wear off pretty quickly.

What exactly do you do for your clients?

Through all my products and services I aim to do one thing. Help people, no matter what level they are at, design a personal path that will get them to the next level. There are certain factors involved in “customizing” your path to breakthrough achievement. No matter what program my clients select, I aim to help them break through. What does that translate into? If you’re an executive, it’s better leadership and management skills. I provide my clients with a complete understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their entire sales organization, and what they have to do to take their company to the next level. If you’re a sales manager, it’s shared and meaningful goals between you and your team, as well as individual coaching that provides the tools and insights needed to handle situations as they come up. If you’re selling directly, it’s about getting more sales and the things, the REAL things that you have to do to get there.

Bottom Line: I help companies and people in sales at all levels take the journey to breakthrough achievement.

Why is that important?

First of all, I believe in the tremendous power of helping people. I believe we are most rewarded for reaching our hand out and helping. And I don’t mean just financially. Secondly, the journey to the “breakthrough” is different for everyone. What’s good for the top producer is not good for the struggler. What’s good for one Executive Vice President may be completely different for another. The key is “Personal Path.” If getting better isn’t extremely personal, I don’t know what is. The answers don’t come off the shelf. They come from within. If you are in sales, and you are not constantly improving, then you are on the edge of slowly deteriorating. Market conditions, most notably in highly competitive environments, are always changing. Sometimes it’s very subtle and when we get comfortable, we can tend to miss opportunitities. I don’t like my clients to miss opportunities so I get right in the trenches with them.

What do you like most about sales people?

They remind me of me.

What lies ahead for sales executives, managers, and sales professionals?

It used to be that sales management focused on their weaker producers while making sure their top producers were happy. It’s no longer like that because management is stretched thin. Span of control is greater and they don’t have the time they used to have to spend with mediocre and weak producing sales people. Now management spends their time where their opportunity is greatest and that’s with those who can produce right now. Or, those who have the potential and are willing to make the necessary changes to go to the next level. That means that many are left to fend for themselves. They either change or they get changed. They at least need a wake-up call.

You can see it going on right now. Competition is getting fiercer each day. The very best sales people continue to get better, but that pie is shrinking because not everyone is willing to do the things necessary to get better. Those who are doing the same things that they were doing even one year ago may find themselves in a position where they are losing market share, and, therefore, personal income.

If you’re leading a sales team, it’s much more than providing them with good product, time and territory management tools, sales training, etc…. You have to get them to go to the dark side of their skill set and work on those things they are weak at. But, you have to show them the way, and, they have to want it.

Isn’t that the essence of “Breakthrough Achievement?”


There is much more to life than business, what are your outside interests?

I’ve been married since 1981 (you can count the years) and we are lucky enough to have three terrific children. Clear in my mind are the days that I put business and other interests ahead of my family. Luckily, some years ago I had a breakthrough that helped me refocus my life, and it’s been terrific ever since. I know what’s important and nothing is more important than my family.

Working out six days per week is a passion that I developed almost 10 years ago. I lift weights and do cardio six days per week. I also am a black belt in Kenpo Karate and continue to train on the heavy bag on a regular basis. I tend to find my serenity in a pool of sweat.

Also, I am a dog lover. Just ask my yellow lab (he’s really white) Charlee. We spend a lot of time together.