If you are an executive focused on continued company growth, or a sales executive leading the company sales effort, or a manager in charge of a team, then ask yourself this; what would I do with a proven resource that was completely dedicated to helping me do the following 10 things and more?

  1. Gives me a resource that helps me react with total confidence to any sales or people management “curve ball” or challenge that comes my way.
  2. Gives me the tools and the words that lets me have those difficult conversations with my salespeople that will inspire them to change; and be comfortable doing it.
  3. Helps me design the best agendas along with the right messaging that will help me deliver staff or company meetings like my team has never seen.
  4. Analyzes my sales teams and gives me a “spot on” profile of each team member that allows me to better communicate, mutual goal set, and manage.
  5. Assists me in customizing a personal path with each sales team member that gives them the opportunity to break through to the next level of selling, and be accountable for getting there.
  6. Provides me with the profile of the sales professional that we want to recruit into our organization.
  7. Helps me develop the best plans to implement reorganizations, introduce new compensation plans, roll out new marketing strategies, or any other ultra-sensitive issue that could affect the morale and productivity of my team.
  8. Helps me improve my management and communication up and down the organization chart.
  9. Is there for me when I get stuck with a difficult and immediate situation.
  10. Overall, is 100% focused on helping me make the moves in the organization that will take my team to the next level.

That’s what Chuck Mache Communications services are all about…and it’s all customized to your position, your style, your goals, and your budget. Check out our Speaking, Consulting & Advisory Services, and our Sales & Coaching Development.