Sales Coaching

Sales people are a different breed. You already know that managing high performing sales talent is like herding cats in a thunderstorm, inside a chicken roost, that’s on fire. And you’re not alone. Chuck has already made all the mistakes as a manager and a sales person. And he’s learned from them and transformed his lessons into sales successes that have grown company revenues exponentially, several times over, in a short period of time. His sales knowledge, experience and proven success has lead to his best selling book, The 4 Kinds of Sales People.

Chuck’s sales coaching program features an ongoing relationship with Chuck to make your sales goals become a reality and give you a resource to overcome the challenges along the way. Chuck Mache works with:

  • Sales Managers on how to manage and lead a team of high-performing sales reps, as well as under performers
  • Sales Reps on how to get past their hangups, and shoot their sales numbers to the next level

Chuck’s sales coaching program blends ongoing advice and coaching that helps companies generate revenues and increase market share while tapping into Chuck’s vast experience at leading, managing, and mentoring sales managers and sales people.

When you partner with Chuck on his sales coaching, you will:

  • Match yourself against the very best – identify your next level!
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses – customize a personal roadmap to getting better!
  • Stay in the constant “advancement” mode – avoid getting stuck!
  • Ask the right questions at the right time – become the expert!
  • Identify all objections/challenges rapidly – avoid “no” wherever possible!
  • Target the customers that fit your sweet spot – win more deals!
  • Move those difficult deals to the next stage – creative ways to keep advancing!
  • Bottom line: Gain more market share, make more money, have fun doing it


“Chuck is a proven impact player who has raised the bar for everyone in our company. The coaching work he has done with key individuals in charge of generating revenue has really paid off. He cuts to the heart of advancement.”

Dave Mullarkey
Schweichler Price Mullarkey & Berry
Retained Executive Search for the technology industry