Speaking Engagements

Whether the format is keynote, convention, training, conference, or retreat, Chuck offers the following topics on presentations that get people to TAKE ACTION and change:

Four People, Four Paths: A Personalized Roadmap to Breakthrough Sales

Why are certain salespeople very successful yet can’t break through to the next level? Why are some people successful yet always seem to be troubled? Why are extremely talented sales people not consistently selling to their potential? The answer to those questions and others like them is different for each individual. That’s because the journey to breakthrough sales is not a “one size fits all” roadmap. To determine exactly what we want, we must first know exactly who we are. During this session participants will:

  • Gain a complete understanding of the four kinds of sales people
  • Find themselves within one of the types
  • Gain insight into their own challenges as a certain type
  • Be given the tools to take their selling to the next level

The Anatomy of a Breakthrough: What it Takes and how it Works

How do you gain more market share within your territory? Increase your income over the previous year? Bring in that account that will catapult you to the top of the sales charts? Why do many of us avoid doing the difficult things that will make us better?
Armed with a new set of tools, salespeople will be entertained, educated and moved to take action as they:

  • Learn about the five factors needed to break through
  • Find out which kind of sales person they are
  • Determine their own IMPORTANT strengths and weaknesses
  • Are able to customize their own path to breakthrough achievement

Breakthrough Sales Leadership: Paving the way for Results

Is getting your team to be as committed and focused as you keeping you up at night? Are your difficult conversations with your managers or salespeople rolling around in your brain? Is your success dependent on their increased productivity? Don’t you want to fuel them on? Do you want to plan, direct, manage and lead your sales organization to the next level? Developed for Sales Executives and Managers, audiences will be provided insights, inspiration and practical application into taking their organization to the next level as they:

  • Improve their approach to managing and leading their team
  • Are able to categorize each of their salespeople into four different types
  • Recognize productivity threatening behavior and know what to do
  • Learn the keys to inspiring their team to break through to the next level

Leadership Connection to the Sales Organization From 60,000 feet

As the leader of the company and responsibility for the entire company, you can often struggle with the challenge of being arms length yet wanting to have your hand on the pulse. Regardless of your sales & marketing organization structure, and regardless of your industry position, you must make sure that you have your hand on the pulse of 7 critical disciplines. Arm yourself with:

  • A new view that puts you closer to the action than ever before
  • The ability to ask the right questions about critical topics
  • Insurance that your fixed sales costs are being used to capture market share
  • The ability to pinpoint any breakdowns in sales discipline

Finding What’s Missing: The Art of Facilitating Breakthroughs

Let’s face it, as an executive or a manager you’re in the momentum business. It’s your job to create a lot of it, keep it going, and then create more. And the end result needs to be increased sales month after month, year after year. Maybe you’re expanding your sales organization and need a solid profile of who you’d like to recruit. Perhaps you’re faced with making major changes to your organization and you’re not exactly sure how to go about doing it. Participants will leave with:

  • How to know your people better than they know themselves
  • How to create conversations that pave the way to breakthroughs
  • How to unleash dormant talent within your organization
  • How to create an environment that is focused on constant improvement