“Mache is a very fast study. He cuts to the core of what’s holding us back, passionately attacks all challenges, and provides all the necessary tools to take things to the next level. He’s a tremendous asset to me and my team!”

Jay Bradley
Intelisys Communications, Inc.
Telecom’s Leading Master Agency

“Mache connects the dots on strategy, tactics, and execution. With his know-how, we’ve installed all the right tools, made the difficult people decisions, and enhanced our entire culture… now our company is really scaling.”

Paul Newman
Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing
Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Inc.

“Chuck is a proven impact player who has raised the bar for everyone in our company. The coaching work he has done with key individuals in charge of generating revenue has really paid off. He cuts to the heart of advancement.”

Dave Mullarkey
Schweichler Price Mullarkey & Berry
Retained Executive Search for the Technology Industry

“Chuck Mache’s coaching has helped me break through to the next level. He customized a personal path for me based on my style, my priorities, and my own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, I’ve never been more focused. Our increased productivity proves it!”

Tom Hakel
Founder and VP of Business Development
GoldMail Online

“I now know why Mache has been successful at building companies. He knows people and how to get the most out of them. This is a terrific read for executives, managers, recruiters, and sales people who want to elevate their game.”

Mick Menendez
Senior Vice President
Integrated Financial and Insurance Services, Inc.

“Ancient seekers of fame and fortune–warriors and kings– took their questions to the Oracle at Delphi, whose direction was always the same, “Know Thyself.” Chuck Mache is a modern day Oracle of Sales Success. If you seek improved performance allow him to be your guide along a path of personal self discovery.”

Dean Minuto
Teligent Corporation

“It’s the push I needed to stop feeling comfortable and start feeling awkward because that’s when new doors to success will open. Thank you Chuck.”

Erica Atkins
Senior Account Manager
Fidelity National Home Warranty

“He’s dynamic, hard hitting, and heart warming all at the same time. Chuck has his hand on the pulse of what makes people tick. More importantly, he has a way of helping them knock themselves out of their comfort zone. His systematic approach to breakthrough achievement for salespeople is what every sales executive, manager, and sales professional needs.

We initially brought Chuck in as a consultant. In less than thirty days he had profiled our sales team, given the management team the tools and guidance they needed to increase productivity, and outlined an expansion plan that let us capitalize on the market conditions. What followed was dramatic growth.”

Jason Ehrlicher
President & CEO
Benchmark Lending Group

“Chuck Mache showed me how to reach my full potential in a very practical, common sense way.”

Sue Davila
Assistant Vice President
Fidelity National Home Warranty

“Real leadership tools, real management tools and an innate ability to cut to the truth. I’ve plugged Chuck’s experience and know-how into my business and our strategic and tactical approach to growth has completely changed. He’s in the momentum business and now we are too!”

Gene Klein

“Chuck Mache’s Breakthrough Seminar deals in the truth. In 2 hours you will find yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. Most importantly, he gave my team a plan for customizing their personal path to the next level. If you are willing to get better, Mache shows you the way.”

Deidra Lieberman
Director of Sales
KGO/KSFO Radio Group

“Chuck Mache’s approach cuts to the core of why salespeople and their managers either produce or struggle. It is a breakthrough approach.”

John H. Davison
KABC Radio Station Group, Los Angeles

“There are too many speakers out there that have never implemented their ideas. Chuck’s track record speaks for itself. He knows what it takes to grow and his “in-the-trenches” perspective would be a great addition to any program.”

Vickie Sullivan
Sullivan Speaker Services Inc.

“We want a speaker that will not only get our people’s attention but give them something real to make them better. We don’t need another motivational speaker, we need somebody who understands sales people and can get in their souls, inspire them to want more, and give them something. Not just the strugglers, but the top producers too. That’s what Chuck does!”

Ross Liscum
Prudential California Realty

“Chuck Mache’s advice and experience is a barometer for sales professionals at all levels striving for professional achievement and personal excellence.”

Rey Hernandez
Kemper Cost Management